Here it is – my blog :-). It is all about outdoors: mostly cycling (road trips and MTB) and mountain trips. Mostly in Slovenia, country I live in and with lots of fantastic outdoor possibilities. I love to discover the country I live in, especially its less known and beautiful parts. So, I'm doing it as much as possible. And it's not just a free time activity ... Activity tourism is on the rise so it's impossible to overlook the connection. Especially if tourism and travel industry is your other passion. I've been writing about it as a journalist for two decades now and after quitting my job as a full-employed journalist to become a free agent I've been also trying to co-create it; I also work as a tourist expert with the focus on tourism development on destinations. It's the kind of work that forces you to go out. Fortunately :-)!

Well ... Welcome to my blog :-)!


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