Cycle road trip: Ljubljana to Lokev (Karst)

The atmosphere was quite amusing: polite guests behind the chequered table cloths on one side and a bit drunk locals behind the bar on the other. But this is something to respect: although restaurant Muha in Lokev, an attractive village in Karst region is a popular spot for having a good home made meal for lunch or dinner the owners didn't throw the locals out. We had a table just near the bar so we couldn't overheard the deep thoughts coming from a glass of wine to much :-).

This time we started our weekend journey at home – in Ljubljana. We crossed Ljubljana Marshes, the largest marsh in the country stretching below the city. The prehistoric pile dwellings and the oldest wooden wheel in the world are among the most notable archaeological findings from the Ljubljana Marches. Since 2011, the area of pile dwellings near Ig has been protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (There are two more UNESCO sites in Slovenia: The Škocjan Caves and Idrija's mercury mine.)

We were trying to avoid the main roads as much as possible (as usual) so we left the busy road between Ig and Borovnica as quickly as possible. The narrow asphalt road was guiding us through the woods like a snake – left and right and left and right ... (And like a snake that tries to look like an erected Homo sapiens!)

After leaving the woods they embraced us again: colorful meadows! We passed peaceful villages and headed into the woods again – but this time there were no cars, just us. And perhaps a bear somewhere in the vicinity :-)! It was a beautiful ride in solitude to Cerknica, town well known for its annual carnival and a beautiful intermittent lake which is present for the most part of the year. When full, it is the largest lake in the country. 

From Cerknica to Rakov Škocjan, a valley and the oldest landscape park in Slovenia with two natural bridges and a river that runs in depths of the valley.

After leaving Rakov Škocjan we had to leave a dirty road to reach Postojna. The town is known for its world known attraction: Postojna cave. For 140 years, the Postojna Cave, as the only cave in the world, offers a unique ride with a special train, which will take you into the cave, under spectacular underground arches, which are embellished with chandellier look-alike stalactites, through a beautiful subterranean world full of playful limestone sculptures. We have visited the cave couple of times so we passed it and headed to Lokev where we planned to spend the night.

I like this village which was once the longest village in Slovenia. It's cute and it has some things worth visit: restored store from the middle of the 20th century, small but very interesting museum of the World War I in the military tower, well known prosciuto derives from here and here is also well known trattoria Muha (Fly) that has a long family history and great home made food. There is also Vilenica cave in vicinity, one of the most colorful and oldest tourist caves in Slovenia. And Lipica with its elegant lipican horses is also nearby.

We spent the night at Muha, had a nice small talk with the owner and other personal in the evening. We left the next day after really tasty home made breakfast towards Predjama castle nearby Postojna cave, surely the most magnificent castle in Slovenia! We were avoiding busy roads again which is not a big challenge in Slovenia, there are plenty of them, sliding through woods and (again!) beautiful meadows all to Logatec, the town we like to stop for a delicious pizza in one of their restaurants.

Tired ... And my butt is aching a bit. And what about the dark clouds and the wind that is blowing louder and louder? Well, be better get our asses back in the saddle and get home before the storm! We took the main road to Vrhnika and Ljubljana, cycled like there is a matter of life and death and – we did it, we outran the storm :-)!

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